Class 'fr-rule-iaa:Excluded ex. USC 80b2 (a) (11) (D) - Publisher'

FIBO has a deep taxonomy of more than 60 Service Provider subclasses. However these are mostly primitive rather than defined classes. Thus being a Publisher is asserted by the source system rather than inferred by the reasoner.
Excluded ex. USC 80b2 (a) (11) (D) - Publisher
fr-rule-iaa:Excluding Condition
lkif-jc-core:considered_by value fr-rule-iaa:Financial Rule Excluded per U.S. Code 80b2 (a) (11) (D) - Publisher
An equivalent class for FIBO Functional Business Entities that meet the exclusion under U.S. Code 80b2 (11) (D) Publisher. the publisher of any bona fide newspaper, news magazine or business or financial publication of general and regular circulation; ". The equivalent class is anything asserted as a FIBO Publisher. Inferred members are considered by the exclusion rule, which applies the exclusion status.

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