Class 'fr-rule-iaa:Excluded ex. USC 80b2 (a) (11) (E) - Government Securities only'

In the Fund Regulation prototype has a sample data record for an adviser, who only offers government bond advice. A more complex definition would examine the portfolio holdings of managed funds.
Excluded ex. USC 80b2 (a) (11) (E) - Government Securities only
fr-rule-iaa:Excluding Condition
lkif-jc-core:considered_by value fr-rule-iaa:Financial Rule Excluded per U.S. Code 80b2 (a) (11) (E) - Government Securities only
fr-fin-ref:Investment Adviser
and (fibo-fnd-rel-rel:provides some (fr-fin-ref:Investment Advice
and (fibo-fnd-rel-rel:isClassifiedBy value fro-fin-ref:West Halifax services)))
An equivalent class for FIBO Functional Business Entities that meet the exclusion under U.S. Code 80b2 (11) (E) Government Securities. any person whose advice, analyses or reports relate to no securities other than securities which are direct obligations of or obligations guaranteed as to principal or interest by the United States, or securities issued or guaranteed by corporations in which the United States ". The equivalent class is simply a classification of the service provided. Inferred members are considered by the exclusion rule, which applies the exclusion status.

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