Class 'pfrd-sec:PFFund type'

From the filing guide: One of the most important sub-elements of PFXMLFiling is the PFFunds element which represents a collection of PFFund sub-elements (of type PFFundType). The PFFunds collection must contain all of the funds being reported on for a given filing. It is a "master list" of funds to which all fund-specific data in the remainder of the filing must refer. Fund references within the filing are based on the PFFundType's FundID field (of type FundIDType), which is a string of the form: "805-NNNNNNNNNN", also known as a Private Fund ID. Private Fund IDs are unique "805 numbers" and must be obtained from the PFRD website prior to submitting a filing for a given fund. However, if the fund is also subject to reporting on Form ADV and a Private Fund ID has already been obtained for the fund from the IARD website, the existing Private Fund ID should also be used for filing Form PF.
This type maps to Q5, Q18, Q29, Q51, or Q65 depending on the FundType. This node should list all the funds that will have details provided in later sections.
PFFund type
pfrd-sec:fund name only pfrd-sec:String restricted256Type datatype
pfrd-sec:prior ADVFund ref only pfrd-sec:Boolean YNType
pfrd-sec:action code ref max 1
pfrd-sec:fund type ref exactly 1
pfrd-sec:n FAFirm ID only pfrd-sec:NFAFirm IDType datatype
pfrd-sec:fund type ref only pfrd-sec:Fund type type
pfrd-sec:fund name exactly 1
pfrd-sec:Private Fund Filing
pfrd-sec:n FAFirm ID max 1
pfrd-sec:fund ID exactly 1
pfrd-sec:c FTCFund ref max 1
pfrd-sec:action code ref only pfrd-sec:Fund action code type
pfrd-sec:c FTCFund ref only pfrd-sec:Boolean YNType
pfrd-sec:prior ADVFund ref max 1
pfrd-sec:fund ID only pfrd-sec:Fund IDType datatype
The Filing section for a fund. Each reported fund in a PFXMLFiling will have an instance in this class.

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