AIF Data Model

The Financial Industry Business Data Model (FIB-DM) is the foundation for Alternative Investment Fund data models.

FIB-DM is a complete model transformation of the Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO). Banks and Investment Companies defined the FIBO as the industry’s reference standard. Hedge and Private Equity Funds should participate in FIBO development to add more alternative investment content.

The Hedge Fund Regulation Ontology imports FIBO. Consequently, we believe that FIB-DM is a solid foundation for relational design.

The current data model version covers Foundation, Business Entities, Finance Business and Commerce, Securities, Derivatives, and Indicators. Upcoming modules for Collective Investment Vehicles, Corporate Actions, Loans, and Market Data will be added to FIB-DM once they are in FIBO production.

Our gallery below shows some FIB-DM packages suitable for AIF. Click on a thumbnail to open the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) diagram. Then, use your browser to scroll, zoom, and pan in and out.

Below is a table with entity name, code, and definition. The complete data model dictionary is on the FIB-DM website.

applies Tofibo-fnd-rel-rel:appliesToa relation indicating something that is pertinent or relevant to the concept
Asset Classfibo-sec-sec-cls:AssetClassa financial instrument classifier for a group of securities that exhibit similar characteristics, behave similarly in the marketplace and are subject to the same laws and regulations
Auction Date Rulefibo-sec-sec-sch:AuctionDateRulea business recurrence interval convention that is a published rule for defining the date of some auction event
Basket Of Indicesfibo-sec-sec-bsk:BasketOfIndicesa basket made up of market indices
Basket Of Indices Constituentfibo-sec-sec-bsk:BasketOfIndicesConstituenta single constituent of a basket of indices
Basket Of Securitiesfibo-sec-sec-bsk:BasketOfSecuritiesa basket of traded securities
Best Efforts Offeringfibo-sec-sec-iss:BestEffortsOfferinga securities offering that is sold on a best efforts, rather than firm commitment, basis, whereby investment bankers commit to doing their best to sell the securities offered, but do not assume the full risk of an underwriter
Blue Sky Lawfibo-sec-sec-rst:BlueSkyLawa kind of securities regulation passed by various states, designed to protect investors against securities fraud by requiring sellers of new issues to register their offerings and provide financial details
Calculation Periodfibo-sec-sec-sch:CalculationPerioda date period defined as the number of days from the start of the calculation period to the scheduled end date of the period
Calculation Period Lengthfibo-sec-sec-sch:CalculationPeriodLengthan explicit duration defined as the number of days from the adjusted effective or start date to the adjusted termination or end date calculated in accordance with the applicable day count fraction
characterizesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:characterizesa feature or quality that distinguishes something from something else
classifiesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:classifiesarranges in classes; assigns to a category
comprisesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:comprisesincludes, especially within a particular scope, is made up of
Contractual Restrictionfibo-sec-sec-rst:ContractualRestrictioncontract terms setting out restrictions on either the holder or the issuer of the security, as specified in the terms of the instrument itself
Conversion Termsfibo-sec-sec-iss:ConversionTermscontract terms specifying when and how a security may be converted to another security (usually of the same issuer)
Convertible Securityfibo-sec-sec-iss:ConvertibleSecuritya security that can be converted into another security
Datefibo-fnd-dt-fd:Datea calendar day on some calendar
Date Periodfibo-fnd-dt-fd:DatePerioda time span over one or more calendar days, defined by at least two of three properties: (1) a start date, (2) an end date, and (3) a date period (duration); if more than one of these properties is missing, the DatePeriod is invalid
Date Returned By Settlement Date Rulefibo-sec-sec-sch:DateReturnedBySettlementDateRulea rule-determined date that is a published rule for defining the date returned by settlement date
Date Returned By Trading Date Rulefibo-sec-sec-sch:DateReturnedByTradingDateRulea rule-determined date that is a published rule for defining the date returned by trading date
Debt Poolfibo-sec-sec-pls:DebtPoola pool consisting of debt instruments, such as bonds, loans or mortgages
definesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:definesdetermines or identifies the essential qualities or meaning of, discovers and sets forth the meaning of, fixes or marks the limits of, demarcates
Exchange And Listing Servicefibo-sec-sec-lst:ExchangeAndListingServicea trading and (optionally) listing service for the purposes of securities trading
Exchange Identifierfibo-sec-sec-lst:ExchangeIdentifieran identifier allocated to a securities exchange
Exchange Specific Securities Registryfibo-sec-sec-id:ExchangeSpecificSecuritiesRegistrya registry used by a securities exchange in managing the security identifiers and related information that it registers and manages
Exchange Specific Securities Registry Entryfibo-sec-sec-id:ExchangeSpecificSecuritiesRegistryEntryan entry in an exchange-specific securities repository
Exchange Specific Security Identification Schemefibo-sec-sec-id:ExchangeSpecificSecurityIdentificationSchemean identification scheme used by a securities exchange in issuing security identifiers
Exchange Traded Securityfibo-sec-sec-lst:ExchangeTradedSecuritya listed security that may be traded on a particular exchange
Exempt Issuerfibo-sec-sec-iss:ExemptIssuera securities issuer that issues securities that are exempt from certain regulatory reporting requirements
Exempt Offeringfibo-sec-sec-iss:ExemptOfferinga public offering involving securities that are exempt from certain regulatory reporting requirements, either because the issuer is exempt or the transaction specific to the offering is exempt
Exempt Transactionfibo-sec-sec-iss:ExemptTransactiona securities transaction for which there is no requirement to register the transaction with a regulatory agency
Financial Instrumentfibo-fbc-fi-fi:FinancialInstrumenta written contract that gives rise to both a financial asset of one entity and a financial liability or equity instrument of another entity
Financial Instrument Classification Schemefibo-sec-sec-cls:FinancialInstrumentClassificationSchemea classification scheme defining a particular classifier for a security, such as the ISO 10962 CFI classification scheme
Financial Instrument Classifierfibo-sec-sec-cls:FinancialInstrumentClassifiera standardized classifier for a financial instrument based on its type
Financial Instrument Global Identifier Registry Entryfibo-sec-sec-idind:FinancialInstrumentGlobalIdentifierRegistryEntryan entry in a Financial Instrument Global Identifier (FIGI) registry
Financial Instrument Identification Schemefibo-sec-sec-id:FinancialInstrumentIdentificationSchemea formal definition of the structure and application of a particular set of financial instrument identifiers
Financial Instrument Short Namefibo-sec-sec-iss:FinancialInstrumentShortNamean identifier that is a short name for any kind of financial instrument within a defined structure as specified in ISO 18774
Firm Commitment Offeringfibo-sec-sec-iss:FirmCommitmentOfferinga securities offering whereby the underwriter purchases the securities outright for their own account
Floating Rate Note Datefibo-sec-sec-sch:FloatingRateNoteDatea calculated date associated with a floating-rate note, also known as a floater or FRN, which is a debt instrument with a variable interest rate
Floating Rate Note Date Rulefibo-sec-sec-sch:FloatingRateNoteDateRulea business day adjustment rule applied to floating-rate note instruments
Fund Familyfibo-sec-sec-pls:FundFamilya collection of managed investments that are all managed by a single investment institution
governsfibo-fnd-rel-rel:governsprevails or has decisive influence over; exercises authority
has Acquisition Pricefibo-sec-sec-ast:hasAcquisitionPricehas a value as of the date of acquisition, expressed as an amount of money or goods
has Business Day Adjustmentfibo-fnd-dt-bd:hasBusinessDayAdjustmentidentifies a convention for adjustment of the business day for handling weekends and holidays
has Business Day Conventionfibo-fnd-dt-bd:hasBusinessDayConventionidentifies a convention regarding how a date should be handled when it falls on a day that is not a business day
has Constituentfibo-fnd-arr-arr:hasConstituentan essential part, component, or element of some collection or set
has Contractual Elementfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasContractualElementindicates an element, such as contractual definitions, terms describing commitments and the like, that forms part of a contract
has Coverage Areafibo-fnd-plc-cty:hasCoverageAreaindicates a geographic region in which some service is provided, or to which some policy applies, or in which something is available
has Currencyfibo-fnd-acc-cur:hasCurrencya medium of exchange value in which something, such as a monetary amount is defined
has Date Of Issuancefibo-fnd-arr-doc:hasDateOfIssuancelinks something, typically an agreement, contract, or document, with the date it was issued
has Durationfibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasDurationthe duration of a date period or similar concept, such as the tenor of a contract
has End Datefibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasEndDatethe ending date of some Schedule or DatePeriod
has Expiration Datefibo-fnd-arr-doc:hasExpirationDatelinks something, typically an agreement, contract, document, or perishable item, with an expiration date
has Financial Instrument Short Namefibo-sec-sec-iss:hasFinancialInstrumentShortNamerelates a security to its ISO 18774-compliant short name, which includes an issuer short name, abbreviated instrument characteristics, and abbreviated instrument description per the ISO standard
has Governing Jurisdictionfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasGoverningJurisdictionthe jurisdiction governing the contract, as agreed by all parties
has Holding Periodfibo-sec-sec-rst:hasHoldingPeriodidentifies a holding period applicable to some financial asset
has Identityfibo-fnd-rel-rel:hasIdentityprovides a means for identifying something that fills a particular role
has Inforcefibo-fnd-law-cor:hasInforcerelates a jurisdiction or situation to a rule, regulation or law (collectively “law”) that is currently in force in that situation or jurisdiction
has Listing Datefibo-sec-sec-lst:hasListingDateindicates the date on which a security is listed
has Offering Pricefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:hasOfferingPriceindicates the price associated with an offering, which may be an explicit or calculated price
has Partfibo-fnd-rel-rel:hasPartindicates any portion of a thing, regardless of whether the portion itself is attached to the remainder or detached; cognitively salient or arbitrarily demarcated; self-connected or disconnected; homogeneous or gerrymandered; material or immaterial; extended or unextended; spatial or temporal
has Party In Rolefibo-fnd-pty-pty:hasPartyInRoleidentifies a party acting in a specific role as related to the particular agreement, contract, policy, regulation, or other business relationship
has Recurrence Start Datefibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasRecurrenceStartDatethe starting Date of the first recurrence of a RegularSchedule
has Registry Entryfibo-fbc-fct-ra:hasRegistryEntrylinks a registry to entries that it contains
has Restrictionfibo-sec-sec-rst:hasRestrictionidentifies a restriction applicable to a given financial instrument or listing
has Start Datefibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasStartDatethe starting Date of something
holdsfibo-fnd-rel-rel:holdsis the relationship between a party and something it possesses, or over which it exercises some ownership or control or has at its discretion the ability to dispose of it as it sees fit
Individual Investorfibo-sec-sec-rst:IndividualInvestoran investor that is a person, rather than an organization, who may or may not be considered a qualified investor from a legal perspective
Institutional Investorfibo-sec-sec-rst:InstitutionalInvestoran organization that trades large volumes of securities
Instrument Poolfibo-sec-sec-pls:InstrumentPoola pool consisting of financial instruments that may be included in the same investment vehicle
International Money Market Australian Dollar Trading Date Rulefibo-sec-sec-sch:InternationalMoneyMarketAustralianDollarTradingDateRulea trading date rule defined as the last trading day of an Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) 90-Day Bank Accepted Futures and Options product, one Sydney business day preceding the second Friday of the relevant settlement month
International Money Market Canadian Dollar Trading Date Rulefibo-sec-sec-sch:InternationalMoneyMarketCanadianDollarTradingDateRulea trading date rule defined as the last trading day / expiration day of the Canadian Derivatives Exchange (Bourse do Montreal Inc.), three month Bankers’ Acceptance Futures (Ticker symbol BAX), the second London banking day prior to the third Wednesday of the contract month
International Money Market New Zealand Dollar Trading Date Rulefibo-sec-sec-sch:InternationalMoneyMarketNewZealandDollarTradingDateRulea trading date rule defined as the last trading day of an Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) New Zealand (NZ) 90-Day Bank Accepted Futures and Options product, the first Wednesday after the ninth day of the relevant settlement month
International Money Market Settlement Date Rulefibo-sec-sec-sch:InternationalMoneyMarketSettlementDateRulea settlement date rule as defined in the International Money Market (IMM) settlement dates calendar
International Securities Identification Numberfibo-sec-sec-id:InternationalSecuritiesIdentificationNumbera security identifier that is defined as specified in ISO 6166, Securities and related financial instruments — International securities identification numbering system (ISIN)
International Securities Identification Numbering Schemefibo-sec-sec-id:InternationalSecuritiesIdentificationNumberingSchemea formal definition of the structure and application of a ISINs as defined in ISO 6166
Investors Domicile Restrictionfibo-sec-sec-rst:InvestorsDomicileRestrictiona legal holding restriction that specifies where holders of a security may be domiciled
is Issued Infibo-sec-sec-lst:isIssuedInidentifies the exchange in which a security is issued
is Registered Byfibo-fbc-fct-ra:isRegisteredByindicates the registration authority that registers something
is Registered Withfibo-sec-sec-iss:isRegisteredWithindicates the registration authority for a given security, i.e., in the name of the owner on the books of the issuer, with the issuer’s registrar, with a third-party transfer agent, with a broker-dealer, or other competent party
is Traded Onfibo-sec-sec-lst:isTradedOnidentifies the trading facility on which the security is traded
Issuerfibo-fbc-fi-fi:Issuerany party who issues (or proposes to issue, in a formal filing) any financial instrument, where a party can be a natural person, company, government, or political subdivision, agency, or instrumentality of a government
issuesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:issuesis made available by
Legal Holding Restrictionfibo-sec-sec-rst:LegalHoldingRestrictiona security restriction applicable to holding the security
Legal Restrictionfibo-sec-sec-rst:LegalRestrictiona securities restriction that is mandated by law or regulation
Listed Securityfibo-sec-sec-lst:ListedSecuritya registered security listed on a specific exchange
Listed Security Identifierfibo-sec-sec-id:ListedSecurityIdentifiera security identifier issued in the public domain and referred to in listings and other relevant publications
Managed Investmentfibo-sec-sec-pls:ManagedInvestmentan investment pool that is controlled by a professional investment manager who invests the pool in various financial instruments and assets that align with their investment objectives and is overseen by a board of directors
mandatesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:mandatesrelates something to a commitment, contract, law, obligation, requirement, regulation, or similar concept that requires it
Mixed Basketfibo-sec-sec-bsk:MixedBasketa basket that has a mix of constituents, including securities and indices
National Numbering Agencyfibo-sec-sec-id:NationalNumberingAgencya registration authority responsible for issuing and managing National Securities Identifying Numbers for securities in accordance with the ISO 6166 standard in some jurisdiction (typically that of a country)
National Securities Identifying Numberfibo-sec-sec-id:NationalSecuritiesIdentifyingNumbera generic, nine-digit alpha numeric code which identifies a fungible security, assigned by a national numbering agency under the ISO 6166 standard
National Securities Identifying Number Registryfibo-sec-sec-id:NationalSecuritiesIdentifyingNumberRegistrya registry used by a national numbering agency to manage the financial instrument identifiers and related information that it registers
National Securities Identifying Number Registry Entryfibo-sec-sec-id:NationalSecuritiesIdentifyingNumberRegistryEntryan entry in a National Securities Identifying Number registry
National Security Identification Schemefibo-sec-sec-id:NationalSecurityIdentificationSchemea security identification scheme, defining the format and structure of a National Securities Identifying Number (NSIN), published nationally on behalf of a country
Non Rolling Datefibo-sec-sec-sch:NonRollingDatean explicit date that equates to a calendar date with no adjustments and with no reference to any date specification
Notional Financial Marketplacefibo-sec-sec-lst:NotionalFinancialMarketplacea place which is identified as a financial market but which is not a physical place such as a country or region. This may be a conceptual place such as the Eurobond market or the Global market.
Offering Documentfibo-sec-sec-iss:OfferingDocumenta legal document that states the objectives, risks and terms of an investment
Offering Statementfibo-sec-sec-iss:OfferingStatementan offering memorandum that conforms to Regulation A, Offering Statement, of the Securities Act of 1933
Parametric Schedulefibo-sec-sec-sch:ParametricSchedulea regular, parameterized schedule typically used for the calculation of payments for coupons, dividends, and interest
Periodic Scheduled Event Datefibo-sec-sec-sch:PeriodicScheduledEventDatethe date on which a schedule event occurs in some parametric schedule
Poolfibo-sec-sec-pls:Poola combination of resources for a common purpose or benefit
Pool Constituentfibo-sec-sec-pls:PoolConstituentsomething that is a component of a pool
Pool Equityfibo-sec-sec-pls:PoolEquitya share or proportion of the capital gains in some pool investment such as a fund or a debt asset pool
Pooled Fundfibo-sec-sec-pls:PooledFunda pool of funds that a group of investors combines for common benefit
Portfoliofibo-sec-sec-ast:Portfolioa collection of investments (financial assets) such as stocks, bonds and cash equivalents, as well as mutual funds
Portfolio Holdingfibo-sec-sec-ast:PortfolioHoldingthe contents of holding of one or more portfolios of investments held by an individual investor or entity
Pricefibo-fnd-acc-cur:Pricean amount of money, goods, or services requested, expected, required, or given in exchange for something else
Private Offeringfibo-sec-sec-iss:PrivateOfferingan offering of securities made privately to a limited number of qualified potential investors
Private Placement Memorandumfibo-sec-sec-iss:PrivatePlacementMemoranduma legal document stating the objectives, risks and terms of investment involved with a private placement
Proprietary Security Identification Schemefibo-sec-sec-id:ProprietarySecurityIdentificationSchemea security identification scheme published by a data provider or other commercial entity
Proprietary Security Identifierfibo-sec-sec-id:ProprietarySecurityIdentifieran identifier supplied by a commercial data provider or government, such as a RIC code
Prospectusfibo-sec-sec-iss:Prospectusa formal, written offering document to sell securities that provides the facts an investor needs to make an informed investment decision
providesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:providesmakes something available
provisionsfibo-fnd-pas-pas:provisionscustomizes, provides, or outfits something required for use in delivering a service
Public Offeringfibo-sec-sec-iss:PublicOfferingan offering of securities for sale to the investment public, after compliance with registration requirements of the relevant regulatory authorities
Qualified Investor Restrictionfibo-sec-sec-rst:QualifiedInvestorRestrictiona legal holding restriction specifying that only qualified investors may hold the security, optionally for a defined holding period (if this is not defined then the period is indefinite)
Registered Securityfibo-sec-sec-lst:RegisteredSecuritya security that is registered with some registration authority and that may be traded in some trading venue (market)
Regulation Sfibo-sec-sec-rst:RegulationSa securities regulation defining an exemption through which corporations can issue unregistered securities to qualified foreign investors and foreign institutions
Restriction144Afibo-sec-sec-rst:Restriction144Aa Securities & Exchange Commission rule modifying a two-year holding period requirement on privately placed securities to permit qualified institutional buyers to trade these positions among themselves
Rule Determined Datefibo-sec-sec-sch:RuleDeterminedDatea date determined by the application of some rule
Scheduled Calculation Period End Eventfibo-sec-sec-sch:ScheduledCalculationPeriodEndEventthe end date of a specific calculation period
Scheduled Calculation Period Start Eventfibo-sec-sec-sch:ScheduledCalculationPeriodStartEventthe start of a specific calculation period
Securities Basket Constituentfibo-sec-sec-bsk:SecuritiesBasketConstituenta security identified as a component of a basket of securities
Securities Contract Termsfibo-sec-sec-iss:SecuritiesContractTermsone or more contractual commitments that are specific to financial instruments that can be bought or sold and may or may not be negotiable
Securities Exchangefibo-sec-sec-lst:SecuritiesExchangean organized, national exchange where securities, options, and futures contracts may be traded by members for their own accounts and for the accounts of their customers
Securities Offeringfibo-sec-sec-iss:SecuritiesOfferingan offering of a security (or securities) for sale
Securities Poolfibo-sec-sec-pls:SecuritiesPoola pool of securities organized for the purpose of issuing notes against those securities
Securities Pool Constituentfibo-sec-sec-pls:SecuritiesPoolConstituenta security that is included in a securities pool
Securities Regulationfibo-sec-sec-rst:SecuritiesRegulationa regulation codified in law specific to securities and investments
Securities Restrictionfibo-sec-sec-rst:SecuritiesRestrictiona legal restriction that is applicable to a financial instrument or security listing as mandated in a law or by contract
Security Holderfibo-sec-sec-ast:SecurityHoldera party that holds a transferable contract (security), and has the rights defined in that contract
Security Holdingfibo-sec-sec-ast:SecurityHoldinga (tradable) security held in a portfolio
Security Identification Schemefibo-sec-sec-id:SecurityIdentificationSchemea formal definition of the structure and application of a particular set of securities identifiers
Security Identifierfibo-sec-sec-id:SecurityIdentifierany publicly available identifier that is used to identify a security
Security Listingfibo-sec-sec-lst:SecurityListinga capability for listing a security provided by a securities trading facility
Security Underwriterfibo-sec-sec-iss:SecurityUnderwritera party that has purchased from an issuer with a view to, or sells for an issuer in connection with, the distribution of any security, or participates or has a direct or indirect participation in any such undertaking, or participates or has a participation in the direct or indirect underwriting of any such undertaking
Security Underwriting Arrangementfibo-sec-sec-iss:SecurityUnderwritingArrangementan underwriting arrangement between an organization (typically an investment bank) and a securities issuer that commits the underwriter to assuming risk involved in buying a new issue of securities from an issuing corporation or government entity and reselling it to the public, either directly or through dealers
Settlement Date Rulefibo-sec-sec-sch:SettlementDateRulea rule for determining dates by reference to some calendar or specification of settlement dates
Trading Date Rulefibo-sec-sec-sch:TradingDateRulea rule for dates defined with reference to some trading date calendar published by some trading facility or authority, such as a stock exchange
Trading Restrictionfibo-sec-sec-rst:TradingRestrictiona restriction that limits trading in some manner, typically summarized on term sheets or in other documentation, including but not limited to restrictions on day trading
US Treasury Bill Auction Date Rulefibo-sec-sec-sch:USTreasuryBillAuctionDateRulea rule for setting auction dates for US Treasury bills
US Treasury Bill Datefibo-sec-sec-sch:USTreasuryBillDatean auction date for US 13 week and 26 week Treasury bills
Basis Swapfibo-der-drc-swp:BasisSwapa swap in which payment streams are referenced to different bases
Cashflow Expressionfibo-der-drc-bsc:CashflowExpressionan expression that specifies a calculation of a cash flow as a component of a cashflow formula
Cashflow Formulafibo-der-drc-bsc:CashflowFormulaa formula for determining cashflows for a derivative instrument
Cashflow Termsfibo-der-drc-bsc:CashflowTermsterms setting out a cashflow structure of payments committed to by one party to a contract
Cross Currency Interest Rate Swapfibo-der-rtd-irswp:CrossCurrencyInterestRateSwapan interest rate swap in which the two streams of interest payments are in different currencies
Deliver Cashfibo-der-drc-bsc:DeliverCashcommitment to deliver cash at the earliest available date as per settlement convention
Delivery Termsfibo-der-drc-bsc:DeliveryTermssettlement terms specifying what (cash, an asset, etc.) is to be delivered when, to whom, under what conditions at the time of settlement
Derivative Contract Partyfibo-der-drc-bsc:DerivativeContractPartya party to a derivative instrument
Derivative Transaction Termsfibo-der-drc-bsc:DerivativeTransactionTermsthe contract terms for a derivative transaction, covering payment or delivery by either party to the other
Derivatives Clearing Organizationfibo-der-drc-bsc:DerivativesClearingOrganizationan entity that enables each party to an agreement, contract, or transaction to substitute, through novation or otherwise, the credit of the DCO for the credit of the parties; arranges or provides, on a multilateral basis, for the settlement or netting of obligations; or otherwise provides clearing services or arrangements that mutualize or transfer credit risk among participants
Designated Contract Marketfibo-der-drc-bsc:DesignatedContractMarketan exchange, trading system, or platform that enables listing for trading futures or option contracts based on any underlying commodity, index or instrument
Economic Rate Based Derivative Instrumentfibo-der-rtd-rtd:EconomicRateBasedDerivativeInstrumenta rate-based derivative whose underlier is an economic indicator
Economic Rate Observablefibo-der-rtd-rtd:EconomicRateObservablea rate-based observable that is specifically an economic indicator
Explicit Interest Amount Calculation Eventfibo-der-rtd-irswp:ExplicitInterestAmountCalculationEventthe explicit representation of the calculation event in a given period, in which an interest payment is calculated based on the rate (fixed or floating) and the notional amount (in the payment currency, and factored for Fx if necessary), on a given date
Fixed Float Cross Currency Interest Rate Swapfibo-der-rtd-irswp:FixedFloatCrossCurrencyInterestRateSwapan interest rate swap in which fixed interest payments on the notional are exchanged for floating interest payments and the two streams of interest payments are in different currencies
Fixed Float Interest Rate Swapfibo-der-rtd-irswp:FixedFloatInterestRateSwapan interest rate swap in which fixed interest payments on the notional are exchanged for floating interest payments
Fixed Float Single Currency Interest Rate Swapfibo-der-rtd-irswp:FixedFloatSingleCurrencyInterestRateSwapan interest rate swap in which fixed interest payments on the notional are exchanged for floating interest payments and where both payment streams are expressed in terms of the same currency
Fixed Interest Rate Legfibo-der-rtd-irswp:FixedInterestRateLega swap stream that specifies fixed interest amounts and terms for the payment of that interest
Fixed Payment Legfibo-der-drc-swp:FixedPaymentLegthe terms for the fixed payment leg of a swap such as a dividend swap, or for any swap that has a fixed leg, including, for example, a single stock swap
Float Float Cross Currency Interest Rate Swapfibo-der-rtd-irswp:FloatFloatCrossCurrencyInterestRateSwapan interest rate swap that exchanges cashflows based on two different interest rates in different currencies
Float Float Interest Rate Swapfibo-der-rtd-irswp:FloatFloatInterestRateSwapan interest rate swap that exchanges cashflows based on two different floating interest rates
Float Float Single Currency Interest Rate Swapfibo-der-rtd-irswp:FloatFloatSingleCurrencyInterestRateSwapan interest rate swap that exchanges cashflows based on two different floating interest rates in the same currency
Floating Interest Rate Legfibo-der-rtd-irswp:FloatingInterestRateLega swapstream in which variable interest is paid on some notional amount, linked to some underlying interest reference rate
has Business Recurrence Interval Conventionfibo-fnd-dt-bd:hasBusinessRecurrenceIntervalConventionidentifies a convention regarding how certain recurring dates should be handled with respect to a given schedule, such as the end of the month
has Contract Partyfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasContractPartyhas a party which is a signatory to the contract and to which is granted certain rights and obligations as defined in the contract and which concedes certain rights to and imposes certain obligations upon the other party as defined in the contract
has Datefibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasDateidentifies a specific date
has Effective Datefibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasEffectiveDatethe date a contract, relationship, or policy comes into force
has Expressionfibo-fnd-utl-alx:hasExpressionindicates a mathematical or other formal expression, which may be part of a formula
has Formulafibo-fnd-utl-alx:hasFormulaindicates a concise way of expressing information symbolically, as in a mathematical or chemical formula
has Interest Calculation Schedulefibo-der-rtd-irswp:hasInterestCalculationSchedulelinks a set of terms to a corresponding schedule for calculating interest
has Interest Rate Reset Schedulefibo-der-rtd-irswp:hasInterestRateResetSchedulelinks a set of terms to a corresponding schedule for resetting the  interest rate, which may be either a regular or ad hoc schedule
has Legfibo-der-drc-swp:hasLegrelates a swap to the legs (swap streams) that comprise the swap
has Notional Amountfibo-fnd-acc-cur:hasNotionalAmounthas a notional value expressed as some monetary amount, that is a number and a currency in which that number is denominated
has Notional Step Schedulefibo-der-rtd-irswp:hasNotionalStepSchedulelinks a set of terms to a corresponding notional step schedule, which may be either a regular or ad hoc schedule
has Paying Partyfibo-der-drc-swp:hasPayingPartydefines the payer party for a funding leg of a swap
has Payment Schedulefibo-der-drc-swp:hasPaymentScheduledefines a schedule of payments for a funding leg of a swap
has Receiving Partyfibo-der-drc-swp:hasReceivingPartydefines the recipient for a funding leg of a swap
has Swap Identifierfibo-der-drc-swp:hasSwapIdentifierrelates a swap lifecycle event to the identifier for the swap
has Termination Datefibo-fnd-arr-doc:hasTerminationDatelinks something, typically an agreement, contract, document, or process, with a date on which it was terminated
has Underlierfibo-der-drc-bsc:hasUnderlierrelates a derivative to an asset, such as one or more financial instrument(s), index or parameter, or combination thereof on which the contract is based
Interest Rate Derivative Instrumentfibo-der-rtd-rtd:InterestRateDerivativeInstrumenta rate-based derivative whose underlier is an interest rate
Interest Rate Observablefibo-der-rtd-rtd:InterestRateObservablea rate-based observable that is specifically an interest rate
Interest Rate Stream Eventfibo-der-rtd-irswp:InterestRateStreamEventan interest-rate specific event occurring with respect to one leg of a swap
Interest Rate Swapfibo-der-rtd-irswp:InterestRateSwapa swap in which the underlier for one or both legs is an interest rate
Interest Rate Swap Legfibo-der-rtd-irswp:InterestRateSwapLegthe components specifiying an interest rate stream, including both a parametric and cashflow representation for the stream of payments
Introducing Brokerfibo-der-drc-bsc:IntroducingBrokeran entity that solicits or accepts orders for futures or options contracts traded on or subject to the rules of an exchange; and does not accept any money, securities, or property (or extend credit in lieu thereof) to margin, guarantee, or secure any trades or contracts that result or may result
Major Swap Participantfibo-der-drc-swp:MajorSwapParticipanta financial service provider that maintains a substantial position in swaps for any of the major swap categories, excluding positions held for hedging or mitigating commercial risk and positions maintained by an employee benefit plan for the primary purpose of hedging or mitigating any risk directly associated with the operation of the plan
Non Physical Underlierfibo-der-drc-bsc:NonPhysicalUnderlieran underlier that does not represent a deliverable asset
Notional Step Amountfibo-der-rtd-irswp:NotionalStepAmountthe amount of money that is subtracted from the notional on each step date
Notional Step Change Eventfibo-der-rtd-irswp:NotionalStepChangeEventan event on which a step change in the notional amount of the swap stream occurs
Notional Step Percentage Amountfibo-der-rtd-irswp:NotionalStepPercentageAmountthe percentage amount by which the notional changes on each step date
Notional Step Period Lengthfibo-der-rtd-irswp:NotionalStepPeriodLengtha recurrence interval indicating the frequency with which step changes occur, which is a multiple of the calculation period in the calculation schedule
Notional Step Schedulefibo-der-rtd-irswp:NotionalStepScheduleschedule of changes in the notional amount on which interest is paid, comprising the regular sequence of step events
Observable Valuefibo-der-drc-bsc:ObservableValuea value for something that can be observed in the marketplace
OTC Contract Settlement Termsfibo-der-drc-bsc:OTCContractSettlementTermssettlement terms specific to an over-the-counter agreement
OTC Derivative Contractfibo-der-drc-bsc:OTCDerivativeContractan over-the-counter agreement that is also a derivative instrument
OTC Derivative Transactionfibo-der-drc-bsc:OTCDerivativeTransactiona derivative transaction that is struck over the counter between two parties
OTC Instrumentfibo-der-drc-bsc:OTCInstrumenta financial instrument and bilateral contract that is not listed or traded on an organized exchange
OTC Productfibo-der-drc-bsc:OTCProductan over-the-counter derivative, made up of one or more transactions, with a corresponding contract or contracts
OTC Transactionfibo-der-drc-bsc:OTCTransactionan over-the-counter transaction to exchange an instrument for some consideration
OTC Transaction Confirmationfibo-der-drc-bsc:OTCTransactionConfirmationa formal confirmation document that codifies the terms and conditions of the transaction between the parties
OTC Transaction Partyfibo-der-drc-bsc:OTCTransactionPartya party to an over-the-counter agreement
Parametric Cashflow Termsfibo-der-drc-bsc:ParametricCashflowTermsterms for a set of cashflows defined according to a mathematical formula
Payment Schedulefibo-fnd-pas-psch:PaymentScheduleschedule for delivery of money in fulfillment of an obligation, such as a coupon payment schedule, loan payment schedule, interest payment schedule
Rate Based Derivative Instrumentfibo-der-rtd-rtd:RateBasedDerivativeInstrumenta derivative instrument whose underlier is a non-physical observable rate
Rate Based Observablefibo-der-rtd-rtd:RateBasedObservablea non-physical observable value, such as an interest rate, market rate, economic indicator, statistical measure calculated over some collection of indices, or some other rate that is readily observable in the world
refers Tofibo-fnd-rel-rel:refersTothe relationship between a reference and the concept it stands for or refers to, i.e., the referent for that reference
Single Currency Interest Rate Swapfibo-der-rtd-irswp:SingleCurrencyInterestRateSwapan interest rate swap in which the two streams of interest payments are in the same currency
Swapfibo-der-drc-swp:Swapa derivative instrument that facilitates the exchange of financial instruments among the parties; the instruments can be almost anything, but most swaps involve cash flows (streams of payments or other commitments over time) based on a notional principal amount that both parties agree to
Swap Confirmationfibo-der-drc-swp:SwapConfirmationa formal confirmation that codifies the terms and conditions specific to a lifecycle event with respect to the overall transaction between the parties
Swap Data Repositoryfibo-der-drc-swp:SwapDataRepositorya financial service provider that provides a central facility for swap data reporting and recordkeeping
Swap Dealerfibo-der-drc-swp:SwapDealera financial service provider that holds itself out as a dealer in swaps; makes a market in swaps; regularly enters into swaps with counterparties as an ordinary course of business for its own account; or engages in any activity causing the person to be commonly known in the trade as a dealer or market maker in swaps
Swap Execution Facilityfibo-der-drc-swp:SwapExecutionFacilityan exchange, trading system, or platform that enables many participants to execute or trade swaps
Swap Legfibo-der-drc-swp:SwapLegterms defining and commitment to fulfill the future payment or cashflow requirements (e.g., interest payments, coupon payments, etc.) for one leg of a swap transaction
Swap Lifecycle Eventfibo-der-drc-swp:SwapLifecycleEventan event that occurs during the lifecycle of a swap, where the overall set of events includes those specific to the issuer, front office, middle office, and/or back office processes
Swap Lifecycle Event Identifierfibo-der-drc-swp:SwapLifecycleEventIdentifieran identifier that uniquely identifies a specific event in the lifecycle of a swap
Swap Partyfibo-der-drc-swp:SwapPartya party to a swap and therefore a legal party to the contract that embodies that transaction
Swap Paying Partyfibo-der-drc-swp:SwapPayingPartya swap party responsible for making payments for a given leg of the transaction as defined in the contract
Swap Receiving Partyfibo-der-drc-swp:SwapReceivingPartya swap party that receives payments for a given leg of the transaction as defined in the contract
Swap Stream Calculation Relative Datefibo-der-rtd-irswp:SwapStreamCalculationRelativeDatea calculation date that is relative to the rate reset schedule
Swap Stream Eventfibo-der-drc-swp:SwapStreamEventa payment event (e.g., interest payment, coupon payment, etc.) against one leg of a swap stream
Swap Stream Interest Calculationfibo-der-rtd-irswp:SwapStreamInterestCalculationan expression that represents a calculation of interest
Swap Stream Interest Calculation Schedulefibo-der-rtd-irswp:SwapStreamInterestCalculationSchedulea parametric schedule that represents the dates on which interest is calculated
Swap Stream Interest Paymentfibo-der-rtd-irswp:SwapStreamInterestPaymentan event involving the payment of interest for a given swap leg
Swap Stream Interest Payment Schedulefibo-der-rtd-irswp:SwapStreamInterestPaymentSchedulea parametric schedule that represents the dates on which interest is due to be paid
Swap Stream Interest Rate Resetfibo-der-rtd-irswp:SwapStreamInterestRateResetan event on which an interest rate for a given swap stream changes (resets)
Swap Stream Interest Rate Reset Schedulefibo-der-rtd-irswp:SwapStreamInterestRateResetSchedulea parametric schedule of reset dates
Swap Stream Interest Rate Setting Eventfibo-der-rtd-irswp:SwapStreamInterestRateSettingEventan event on which an interest rate for a given swap stream is determined
Swap Stream Interest Setting Relative Datefibo-der-rtd-irswp:SwapStreamInterestSettingRelativeDatea date on which an interest rate is revised is that is relative to a rate reset event
Swap Termsfibo-der-drc-swp:SwapTermsthe legal contractual terms of a swap transaction
Underlierfibo-der-drc-bsc:Underlierthe financial instrument(s), index or parameter, or combination thereof, that form the basis for the derivative instrument
Unique Swap Identifierfibo-der-drc-swp:UniqueSwapIdentifiera unique swap identifier (USI) is an identifier for a swap transaction, that is the CFTC term or Unique Transaction Identifier (UTI) which is the term used more globally is an identifier on the transaction level that stays unique throughout the life of a trade
Cash Instrumentfibo-fbc-fi-fi:CashInstrumenta financial instrument whose value is determined by the market and that is readily transferable (highly liquid)
Commodity Instrumentfibo-fbc-fi-fi:CommodityInstrumenta financial instrument representing an ownership interest in a raw material or primary agricultural product
Currency Instrumentfibo-fbc-fi-fi:CurrencyInstrumenta financial instrument used for the purposes of currency trading
Debt Instrumentfibo-fbc-fi-fi:DebtInstrumenta financial instrument enables the issuing party to raise funds by accepting the obligation to repay a lender by a particular time in accordance with the terms of a contract
Derivative Instrumentfibo-fbc-fi-fi:DerivativeInstrumenta financial instrument that confers on its holders certain rights or obligations, whose value is derived from one or more underlying assets
Entitlementfibo-fbc-fi-fi:Entitlementa financial instrument that provides the holder the privilege to subscribe to or to receive specific assets on terms specified
Equity Instrumentfibo-fbc-fi-fi:EquityInstrumenta financial instrument representing an ownership interest in an entity or pool of assets
Financial Instrument Identifierfibo-fbc-fi-fi:FinancialInstrumentIdentifieran identifier for a financial instrument
Futurefibo-fbc-fi-fi:Futurea contract that obligates the buyer to receive and the seller to deliver, in the future, the assets specified at an agreed price
has Borrowerfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasBorrowerrelates a contract, such as a debt instrument or credit agreement, to one or more parties that are incurring the debt
has Call Featurefibo-sec-dbt-dbti:hasCallFeatureindicates the specific terms related to any inherent call feature as specified in the offering
has Interest Payment Termsfibo-sec-dbt-dbti:hasInterestPaymentTermsindicates the specific terms related to interest payments on the principal as specified in the instrument or a related contract document
has Issuerfibo-fbc-fi-fi:hasIssuerrelates an instrument to the party that issued it
has Lenderfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasLenderrelates a contract, such as a debt instrument or credit agreement, to one or more parties that are financing the debt
has Offeringfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:hasOfferingrelates something to a voluntary but conditional promise submitted by a buyer or seller (offeror) to another (offeree) for acceptance, and which becomes legally enforceable if accepted by the offeree
has Principal Executive Office Addressfibo-fbc-fi-fi:hasPrincipalExecutiveOfficeAddressrelates an organization, specifically the issuer of a financial instrument, to its principal executive address, as required for issuance of that instrument
has Redemption Provisionfibo-sec-dbt-dbti:hasRedemptionProvisionindicates the specific terms related to redemption as specified in the instrument or a related contract document
has Repayment Termsfibo-sec-dbt-dbti:hasRepaymentTermsindicates the specific terms related to repayment of principal as specified in the instrument or a related contract document
is Legally Recorded Infibo-fbc-fi-fi:isLegallyRecordedInjurisdiction (country, county, state, province, city) in which the financial instrument is legally recorded for regulatory and/or tax purposes
Jurisdictionfibo-fnd-law-jur:Jurisdictionthe limits or territory within which authority may be exercised; the power, right, or authority to interpret and apply the law
Negotiable Securityfibo-fbc-fi-fi:NegotiableSecuritya security that can be transferred or delivered to another party
Non Negotiable Securityfibo-fbc-fi-fi:NonNegotiableSecuritya security that is not transferable to another party
Optionfibo-fbc-fi-fi:Optiona contract that grants to the holder either the privilege to purchase or the privilege to sell the assets specified at a predetermined price or formula at or within a time in the future
Packaged Financial Productfibo-fbc-fi-fi:PackagedFinancialProducta financial product that acts as a container, or wrapper, for one or more financial instruments, including other financial products
Securities Transactionfibo-fbc-fi-fi:SecuritiesTransactiona trade that represents the execution of an order to buy or sell a security
Securities Transaction Identifierfibo-fbc-fi-fi:SecuritiesTransactionIdentifieran identifier for a securities transaction
Securityfibo-fbc-fi-fi:Securitya financial instrument that can be bought or sold
Standardized Termsfibo-fbc-fi-fi:StandardizedTermsa set of standardized terms, published by some body, and capable of being incorporated into a contract by agreement
Standardized Terms Setfibo-fbc-fi-fi:StandardizedTermsSeta set of standardized terms, published by some body, and capable of being incorporated into a contract by agreement
Account Holderfibo-fbc-pas-caa:AccountHoldera party holding an account
Account Providerfibo-fbc-pas-caa:AccountProvidera party that provides and services the account
Agreementfibo-fnd-agr-agr:Agreementa negotiated and usually legally enforceable understanding between two or more legally competent parties
Beneficiaryfibo-fnd-agr-agr:Beneficiarya party that receives some benefit or advantage or profits from something
Commitmentfibo-fnd-agr-agr:CommitmentA legal construct which represents the undertaking on the part of some party to act or refrain from acting in some manner.
Commitment At Largefibo-fnd-agr-agr:CommitmentAtLargea commitment made by some party without direct involvement from the potential beneficiaries of that commitment
Conditions Precedentfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ConditionsPrecedentConditions precedent on some obligation. These are conditions which would alter the Obligation as it is otherwise stated.
confersfibo-fnd-rel-rel:confersgrants or bestows by virtue of some authority
Contractfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:Contracta voluntary, deliberate agreement between two or more competent parties to which those parties agree to be legally bound, and to which the parties must have provided valuable consideration
Contract Counterpartyfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ContractCounterpartyin the event that a contract identifies either party to that contract as being the principal, this is the other party to that contract
Contract Documentfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ContractDocumenta written document, whether physical or electronic, which sets out the formal terms and conditions of some written contract
Contract Originatorfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ContractOriginatorthe party that originates the contract and acts as the principal in that contract regardless of the owner or counterparty
Contract Partyfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ContractPartya party to the contract, that is a contractually capable person or organization which is a signatory to the contract, and which grants or concedes certain rights and obligations as defined in the contract
Contract Principalfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ContractPrincipalthe party identified as being the principal or first party to a contract, in the event that the contract distinguishes any party as the principal
Contract Terms Setfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ContractTermsSetterms and conditions that define the commitment made by the contracting parties, such as rights and obligations when a contract is awarded or entered into
Contract Third Partyfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ContractThirdPartysomeone who may be indirectly involved but is not a principal party to an arrangement, contract, deal, lawsuit, or transaction
Contractual Commitmentfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ContractualCommitmentterms and conditions that define the commitment made by the contracting parties, such as rights and obligations when a contract is awarded or entered into
Contractual Definitionfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ContractualDefinitiona contractual element that defines something in a contract or other legal instrument
Contractual Elementfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ContractualElementgeneral and special arrangements, provisions, requirements, rules, specifications, and standards that form an integral part of an agreement or contract
Creditorfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:Creditora party to whom an obligation, such as an amount of money, or good, or performance of some service exists
Debt Termsfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:DebtTermscontract terms that specify the formal rights and obligations of borrower and lender under a contract in which funds are lent from the one party to the other
Debtorfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:Debtora party that owes a debt or other obligation to another party
Equity Apportionment Terms Setfibo-be-ptr-ptr:EquityApportionmentTermsSetcontract terms defining the apportionment of equity for some formal business organization.
Equity Conversion Termsfibo-sec-eq-sha:EquityConversionTermsconversion terms specifying the details regarding conversion of shares into other securities
General Partnerfibo-be-ptr-ptr:GeneralPartnera partner in a partnership, who holds some part of the general partner equity and typically is jointly and severally liable with the other partners for the liabilities incurred by that partnership
has Counterpartyfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasCounterpartyidentifies a counterparty to a contract
has Execution Datefibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasExecutionDatethe date on which a contract has been fully performed by all parties
has Non Binding Termsfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasNonBindingTermsrefers to terms that are included in the contract but are not considered binding
has Obligation (agr)fibo-fnd-agr-agr:hasObligationidentifies a duty or obligation that a given party has taken on
has Principalfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasPrincipalidentifies the main or principal party to a contract
has Termsfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasTermsidentifies the written terms which define and describe the commitments, rights and obligations of the parties to the contract and set out commonly agreed definitions, calculations and the like, and which form part of the contract
has Third Partyfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasThirdPartyidentifies a party which is not signatory to the party but has some role in the overall context defined by the contract.
Individual Unilateral Commitmentfibo-fnd-agr-agr:IndividualUnilateralCommitmenta commitment made by some party unilaterally to another specific party
Liability Apportionment Terms Setfibo-be-ptr-ptr:LiabilityApportionmentTermsSetterms defining the apportionment of liabilities accrued by some formal business organization.
Limited Partnerfibo-be-ptr-ptr:LimitedPartnera partner whose liabilities are limited to the extent of their equity holding or guarantees
Mutual Agreementfibo-fnd-agr-agr:MutualAgreementan agreement between two or more specific named parties. The rights and obligations pertaining to either party cannot be transferred to another party without prior agreement
Mutual Commitmentfibo-fnd-agr-agr:MutualCommitmentA commitment between two or more parties
Mutual Contractual Agreementfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:MutualContractualAgreementa contract between two or more specific named parties; the rights and obligations pertaining to either party cannot be transferred to another party without prior written permission or a change to the contract itself
Non Binding Termsfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:NonBindingTermscontractual commitments that do not have binding legal standing on the issuer or holder
Non Binding Terms Setfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:NonBindingTermsSetterms that do not have binding legal standing on the issuer or holder
Obligeefibo-fnd-agr-agr:Obligeea party to whom some commitment or obligation is owed, either legally or per the terms of an agreement
Obligorfibo-fnd-agr-agr:Obligora party that is bound legally or by agreement to repay a debt, make a payment, do something, or refrain from doing something
Payerfibo-fnd-pas-psch:Payera party who pays a bill or fees, or who makes payments to a payee in partial or complete fulfillment of an obligation
Payment Obligationfibo-fnd-pas-psch:PaymentObligationa legally enforceable duty to pay a sum of money, or agree to do something (or not to do something), according to the terms stated in a contract
Policyholderfibo-fbc-dae-gty:Policyholdera counterparty to and typically owner of an insurance policy; an insured party
Promissory Notefibo-fnd-agr-ctr:PromissoryNotea promissory note is a written, signed, unconditional, and unsecured promise by one party (the maker or promisor) to another (the payee or promisee) that commits the maker to pay a specified sum on demand, or on a fixed or a determinable date
qualifiesfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:qualifieslimits, constrains or refines
Registered Agentfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:RegisteredAgenta legal agent designated by another party (person or organization), to represent and acts on their behalf under a formal agency agreement
Relationship Qualifierfibo-be-le-lei:RelationshipQualifiera classifier that qualifies something about the relationship between consolidated entities during the reporting period, such as the accounting framework used
Service Providerfibo-fnd-pas-pas:ServiceProvidera party that provides and typically provisions professional services, such as consulting, financial, legal, real estate, education, communications, storage, or processing services, to other parties, typically defined in a service agreement
Settlement Termsfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:SettlementTermscontract terms that define the commitment to and mechanism for settling one or more sides of a transaction
Transferable Contractfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:TransferableContracta contract in which the rights and obligations of one party (the holder) may be transferred to another party, which thereby takes on the same rights and obligations with respect to the other party to the contract
Transferable Contract Holderfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:TransferableContractHoldera party that holds a transferable contract and enjoys the benefits defined in that contract while they hold it
Unilateral Commitmentfibo-fnd-agr-agr:UnilateralCommitmentA commitment made by one party without reference to the party to which the commitment is made.
Unilateral Contractfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:UnilateralContracta contract in which only one party makes an express promise, or undertakes a performance without first securing a reciprocal agreement from the other party
Verbal Contractfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:VerbalContracta contract that exists as a result of some verbal exchange
Written Contractfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:WrittenContracta formal contract that is written and signed by the parties thereto